This is a summary of what we have been involved in thus far.



We have been doing outreaches in Malawi with Lewende Woord Kaap since December of 2019. We have done multiple trips with groups ranging from three to 40 people. Since our time there God has, by His grace, granted us the privilege to see:
1. More than 10 000 people come to Christ
2. The establishment of 22 churches
3. More than 1 000 bibles being distributed
4. Thousands of miracles and wonders
Our love for the people remains and we will continue our ministry as long as God guides us to do so. 


We have had the honor to do three missions trips to Zambia. There are two missionary families in the Eastern and Western regions, respectively, with whom we connected. During our time there we saw hundreds of people repent and turn to Christ. We saw God deliver multitudes of people from demonic possession and many people were physically healed. We also had the opportunity to assist the missions base in funding the orphans' school fees.
The harvest is very ripe in Zambia and we feel a great urge to continue serving God there. God is going to do wonderful things.
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Madagascar & Belgium

Madagascar and Belgium are two more countries we had the opportunity to visit. We have only been able to visit the countries a couple of times, but God still granted us the opportunity to preach in several different churches, feed hundreds of homeless people and refugees and connect with different missionary organizations. 

God is going to call us back to these places and we are very ready!

Amstelhof and Longstreet

Locally, we have been very busy.
From 2016 to mid-2019 we did street Evangelism in the heart of the city. Longstreet was our missions field every Friday night. We saw many bouncers and party goers meet Jesus and experience His love.
From mid-2019 up to date we have been actively involved in the community of Amstelhof. We spread the Gospel in the streets every Saturday. Since we started God has blessed us to start a home cell/church, provide meals to the poor and baptize several people. We have seen a rapid decline in gang-based violence since we started. This is just the beginning as God is continuing to open new avenues